Turnaround Management

of Technology driven New Media & eCommerce startups

We believe that any startup business on the verge of falling deserves second chance and therefore needs to consider ‘extreme transformation’. We help such startups to accomplish impossible and restart the company.


Whom can we help

Solvable problems

We work with companies with substantial business problems – beyond simply needing funds – that we are equipped to solve.

Committed stakeholders

We can help companies whose key stakeholders are committed and open to us augmenting their team and taking an active leadership role.

Real assets

We can help companies with products and technology that works. We can help companies with real customers and real potential. While we admire innovative ideas, we are not equipped to work with concept-stage companies.

Market fit

We are looking for companies that help to solve a real problem in a way that will have a meaningful impact on how people do business and lead their lives.

Exit feasibility

We select companies for which we see realistic exit opportunities available within foreseeable future. And companies which have potential to run on longterm with sustainable business.


How do we do it